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MixPack 6

MixPack 6

556 ฿

556 ฿

Mix pack with Deep Freeze, Special, Hunter and Ice Cool. One bag of each.

Deep Freeze has a fine balance between soft mint, cool menthol and eucalyptus. Special is flavoured with bergamot and a hint of smoke and lemon. Hunter has a medium-bodied tobacco flavour with clear hints of juniper, lavender, lemon, cedar and with some sweetness. Ice Cool is flavoured with mint and menthol and with some sweetness.

Try a MixPack: Pay only 139 ฿ for 25 portions

1 × Hunter
149 ฿
149 ฿
1 × Special
149 ฿
149 ฿

In stock

Product typeWhite portion
TasteMixed flavours
Bag contains25pouches
Size pouch14x30 and 17x33mm
Pouch weight0.5-0.6grams
Total net weight12.5-15grams
pH value8.5

1 review for MixPack 6

  1. George

    Highest score from me on this portion snus. This snus manufacturer knows what they are doing.

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