Buy for your shop or bar?

For purchases from retailers, we refer to our partner Snussource.

Show that you are selling Haypee Snus! Download and print as A4.

Download link!

Become an Affiliate!

Tell your friends about us and get a commission!

You will get your personal URL looking like this: All sales using your URL will give you 10% commission.

How does it work? When a customer uses your personal link to visit Haypee, a cookie is saved in the customer’s browser. When the customer places an order, the store sees that it is your customer, and you get a commission on that order. Affiliate is an accepted and proven way to get visitors to a store.

You can do almost all you want with this URL. Share in social media, forums, groups and send to friends. Use it freely, but with judgement.

We will review your application and return with instructions and a password to your own panel where you can see sales, earnings, visits etc:

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