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Greylink Coompany Limited, Tax ID, 01 555 615 4898 (“hereafter referred to as Haypee, we/our, us”) applies the applicable regulations for the processing of personal data and works continuously to best protect and safeguard your privacy as a customer (“customer”, ” you/your/yours”). This “Privacy Policy” explains how we use the personal data that you provide to us when you e.g. create an account or purchase goods from (the “Website”).

By accepting Haypee’s “Terms of Purchase” in connection with ordering, or when providing personal data in connection with registering an account, on the Website, you confirm your consent to Haypee’s processing of your personal data in accordance with the below.

Personal Data

Haypee is responsible for the processing of the personal data that you provide to us. For questions about our processing of your personal data, please contact us at

Haypee processes the personal data that you as a customer provide, have provided to us, or that have been collected on the website through cookies, in order to be able to fulfill our obligations towards you as a customer, such as administering your user account, handling your order, and providing you with service and support. Below you can read more about the purposes and legal grounds for our processing of your personal data.

The personal data that Haypee processes are your date of birth, name, e-mail address, purchase, payment and order history, delivery address, IP address and telephone number. The legal basis for processing your date of birth is that Haypee has a legal obligation to do so, as the 18-year age limit applies when selling tobacco products. In order to ensure that only persons over the age of 18 can shop on the Website, the application of the same legal basis is also considered justified for the purchase of other products.

To enable the administration and delivery of your order, as well as to provide service, Haypee also needs access to the customer’s other personal data, such as contact details and payment information. The legal basis for processing this information is that it is necessary for us to be able to fulfill the purchase agreement that Haypee enters into with you as a customer in connection with your order. If this requested information is not provided to Haypee in connection with the order, you as a customer will not be able to complete the order.

In order to be able to offer you as a customer qualified service, as well as to be able to handle any customer matters under current legislation, Haypee saves your order history. The order history consists of information about ordered goods, quantity, price and order date. The legal basis for processing this data is considered justified in order for Haypee to be able to provide you as a customer with qualified service, contribute to the safe use of our products, and form a basis for being able to fulfill obligations and safeguard rights in connection with customer matters under current legislation. Customer data is also processed so that Haypee as a company can fulfill its legal obligations.

Personal data entered by you as a customer when establishing a personal user account on the website is processed based on the legal basis of legitimate interest in creating, providing and administering your user account. As a customer, you can log in to “My pages” at any time and update most of the personal data you have left there.

When contacting Haypee customer service, we process the personal data that you as a customer provide in connection with the administration of your customer service matter. The legal basis for this processing is Haypee as well as the customer’s legitimate interest in the handling of the case and possible fulfillment of legal obligations.

Haypee reserves the right to process contact information and order history for statistical purposes and market research based on the legal basis of legitimate interest to evaluate and improve our products, as well as for electronic customer information to satisfy our legitimate interest in providing you as a customer with current information and customized product communications. You, as a customer, can personally notify Haypee at any time of your wish to cancel the use of this information.

Customer data is processed as long as it is needed for Haypee to be able to administer your order and provide you as a customer with qualified service, as well as to handle any customer matters according to current legislation, for a period of no longer than 36 months, unless there is a further legal obligation.

When you as a customer visit the website, information about your IP address is collected by Haypee and the companies that provide the analysis tools used on the website, in the form of so-called third-party cookies (see Information about cookies).

Haypee uses information about your IP address to ensure that you, as a Customer, are entitled to shop on the website, to prevent intrusions, incidents and misuse of our services on the website, to keep visitor statistics on the Website, as well as to make updates and improvements of the website. The legal basis for this processing is Haypee’s obligation and legitimate interest to prevent potential abuse, as well as to provide a well-functioning website for you as a customer.

Sharing of Personal Data

Haypee reserves the right to share personal data with partners and companies that provide integrated IT services, payment solutions and transport solutions for the website’s customers. Processing of this personal data takes place exclusively on behalf of Haypee and according to our instructions, as well as on the basis that appropriate legal, technical and organizational measures have been taken to ensure safe transfer and handling of the same.

In order for Haypee to be able to fulfill our commitments to you as a customer, certain personal data may be shared with partners and companies that in turn process your personal data independently, such as freight forwarders and payment services. Collaborative partners and companies that are independent personal data controllers therefore handle this personal data in accordance with their own policy regarding the handling of personal data. For more information, see the respective Partner’s policy. Haypee may also share personal data with authorities in case of suspicion of crime or on occasions when we are obliged to do so by law.

Protection of Personal Data

Haypee takes the necessary security measures required to protect personal data processed via the website and continuously updates technical details and organizational measures to this end. Access to all storage of personal data is strictly limited and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to ensure protected transmission of data via the Internet and other networks. To prevent unauthorized access in connection with the processing of payment data, one-way encryption is also used.

Saving of Personal Data

Personal data is saved by Haypee as long as it is purposefully necessary to fulfill the commitments and tasks for which it was provided. In some cases, personal data may also be saved for a longer period of time, in order to be able to fulfill legal obligations that require processing in accordance with applicable law, or to be able to establish, enforce or defend legal claims; however never longer than what is permitted under current personal data legislation.

Access, Update and Correction of Personal Data

Haypee strives to secure all customers’ personal data. We urge you as a customer to check that all information is up-to-date and correct in connection with purchases on the website. You as a customer therefore have access to basic personal data on the Website and can edit some of these under your personal account. According to current legislation, you as a customer also have certain specific rights in relation to collected personal data.

As a customer, you have the right to be informed about which personal data about you is processed by Haypee. Upon request from you as a customer, Haypee provides written information about our processing of your personal data.

You as a customer further have the right to request that personal data about you that is processed by Haypee be corrected, limited (with the exception of handling and responding to legal requirements or fulfilling legal obligations) or deleted, with the exception where Haypee is obliged by law, or in defence of justified legal claims, to preserve the data.

You as a customer have the right to object to the support of the legal basis for our legitimate interest in the processing of your personal data. However, in the event of such an objection, Haypee reserves the right to the continued processing of your current personal data, as compelling legitimate reasons can be considered to outweigh your privacy concerns.

You as a customer have the right under certain circumstances, and if it is technically possible, to request a copy of your provided personal data in a structured and commonly used format. The right to data portability applies to contractually-based personal data that is processed automatically. You as a customer can at any time revoke the consent given for the receipt of customer information through the associated link for deregistration in Haypee e-mails.

Information on Cookies

The website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the customer’s computer, tablet, mobile phone or similar device. It remembers information about your visit to the website which can later be retrieved so that you as a customer can have a faster and better user experience on your next visit. Cookies that are stored on the device are usually absolutely necessary for you as a customer to be able to use the website. Cookies for other purposes require consent, which you as a customer will be informed about when you visit the website for the first time.

Cookies are usually divided into two main types: permanent cookies, which remain on the customer’s computer for a fixed period of time, and session cookies, which are temporarily stored in the computer’s memory during the time that you as a customer are on the website. Session cookies disappear automatically when you close your browser.

Cookies that are essential to give you as a customer access to the website, so-called necessary cookies, activate basic functions and settings on the website for it to function correctly and securely, such as enabling navigation between pages and functions for the shopping cart and purchases.

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